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Nov 2015
Adam Kariv
Nov 21 2015 06:48
Well, the it looked like the setting wasn't propagated to the clientConfig
Sreekanth Mahesala
Nov 21 2015 14:42
Hello, Not sure if I missed it in the documentation, I did a AWS instance. Is there any documentation on what the URL I should be hitting at and how to configure env variables for a DB?
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 21 2015 15:23
@SreekanthMahesala it's the ip of the instance (you can see it in the AWS console). Make sure you open port 80 and 22 in the security group (but not others).
@SreekanthMahesala the instance comes with its own db pre-configured but to add data sources to query, you do it from the Web interface.
Sreekanth Mahesala
Nov 21 2015 15:41
thanks @arikfr