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Dec 2015
Arik Fraimovich
Dec 03 2015 07:31
@gallamine if you installed re:dash using one of the images (for AWS&GCE) that already had the Alerts feature, it's possible that the alert_subscription table is missing and causing the issue you experience. To create it, run from /opt/redash/current the command: bin/run python -c "import redash.models; redash.models.AlertSubscription.create_table()". If it works, then it means this was indeed the problem. If it's not, will you be able to share logs?
@gabrielcrowdtilt there were many changes in this version, but the notable ones I remember: new charts UI (#679), support for sending alerts via HipChat or web hook, SQLite query runner, Box Plot visualization, new version check & many fixes.
Brandon Wang
Dec 03 2015 22:28
Hey, I'm attempting to install re:dash on Debian Wheezy and with some changes, have been able to get far enough
one thing I keep getting is an error 500
when logging in... the error says that in the DB, the relation "user" doesn't exist, but I connect manually to PSQL and it clearly does
anybody have any clues as to why?
(looking forward to using this, it looks great :))
Roman Kushnarenko
Dec 03 2015 22:52
@arikfr thanks for the redash, we just started using it at Medisafe and it looks and runs good :wink: Great work!