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Dec 2015
Adam Kariv
Dec 08 2015 06:43
@arikfr what's the plan for 664?
Arik Fraimovich
Dec 08 2015 07:40
@akariv I still need to check how the UI looks like with the changes you made, but didn't have the chance to do that :|
Dec 08 2015 09:44
Hi @arikfr, so I decided to try out redash with docker compose. And I keep coming up on this error on a fresh vps.
This message was deleted
Recreating e2adcf481d_e2adcf481d_e2adcf481d_e2adcf481d_e2adcf481d_e2adcf481d_redash_redash-nginx_1
ERROR: Cannot start container a361da75ad84222d2057e5d2f68530932b4e827fc6c522c2b0b3cce2ce54db09: [8] System error: not a directory
Dec 08 2015 09:51
looking it up, turns bug fixes and the like, figured its something you might have come across
Adam Kariv
Dec 08 2015 10:11
@arikfr cool - it's deployed in if you'd like to take a look :)
Dec 08 2015 10:22
So we are moving to Plotly after they made it open ? :smile:
Dec 08 2015 16:16
Hi, my queries are not updating automatically and when I try to run it manually I get this : Error running query: Cannot route message for exchange 'celery': Table empty or key no longer exists. Probably the key ('_kombu.binding.celery') has been removed from the Redis database.
any ideas?
Alon Horev
Dec 08 2015 18:34
Hi @shyamgopal, I recently created a pull request replacing highcharts with plotly. It will be merged ASAP.
Arik Fraimovich
Dec 08 2015 20:18
@eschultze looks your redis was flushed while Celery was running. Just restart Celery to resolve (supervisorctl restart redash_celery), but it's worth checking how come it got flushed.