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Dec 2015
Roman Kushnarenko
Dec 26 2015 18:34
@arikfr as per PR #724. I have a question. It looks that permission model is based on datasources. I am not sure but will the next use case be covered: Managing dashboards per users / groups. For example, we want to reveal dashboard that contains widgets that talks with datasources. But, we don't want the user / group to access this datasources, but we do want the user / group to watch the Dashboard.
too much buts.. :) to TL;DR - dashboards for groups. Will it be possible ? tx @arikfr
Arik Fraimovich
Dec 26 2015 20:47
@sromku all dashboards are accessible to all users, BUT when a user opens a dashboard that includes a widget he doens't have access to, he won't see it (but rather see the lock instead, see screenshot). does this answer your question?
Roman Kushnarenko
Dec 26 2015 21:17
@arikfr it means that the permission is given on widget / query base on not necessary on datasource. right?