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Feb 2016
Takahiro Mitsumori
Feb 03 2016 01:34
My dashboard is won't refresh, seems to dataset is coming from cache.
Because all gadgets need a parameter. So how to refresh the data set?
Ben Tucker
Feb 03 2016 20:35
Hey guys, I was just trying to get up and running with re:dash. I'm seeing a behavior where queries are making it through to redshift, and results are getting populated in query_results, and yet data never appears in the interface. There's a client-side error:
SyntaxError: Unexpected token I
    at Object.parse (native)
    at R (http://localhost:8080/scripts/plugins.2f8f8f73.js:1:5190)
    at Ya.g.defaults.transformResponse (http://localhost:8080/scripts/plugins.2f8f8f73.js:2:2971)
Ben Tucker
Feb 03 2016 20:43
I found the problem. Some of my results had Infinity in them, and JSON.parsechokes on that.
Infinity should maybe get converted to NaN before being written out to query_results?