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Feb 2016
Matthew A Sochor
Feb 05 2016 21:55
Hey so I'm trying to extend the dashboard widgets (I'm trying to add a new kind of widget to the dashboard), I've gotten most of the way through but the angular data I bind doesn't make it through to the dashboard itself.
as far as I can tell when I get to this line: widget.$save().then(function(response) { the data gets lost
that led me to looking into the and the Widget model
but when I try to add new fields to the Widget model, I get all kinds of errors.
so if I add a column like myNewCol = peewee.TextField() I will see the error: ProgrammingError: column t1.myNewCol does not exist
which comes when I open a dashboard and seems to be linked to a big join the the Dashboard model
does anyone have any advice? I haven't played with peewee or flask too much, so I'm probably just missing something simple. It seems like I should be able to extend the widget model with a new column, but just can't seem to make any progress
Parker Lawrence
Feb 05 2016 23:55
Anyone have a nice strategy for doing version control on your queries? I'm thinking it would be nice to have updates correspond to auto-commits in a git repo or something like that