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Feb 2016
Matthew A Sochor
Feb 08 2016 15:38
@arikfr thanks for the advice! basically we have a few different sources that generate graphs that we want to track on a dashboard. I'm looking to see if we can do a simple iframe widget to add a link to a d3 visualization (or something else) so that we can display both redash query results and these outside results in the same place. It wasn't too hard extending the have a third widget type (other than visualization and textbox) but I ran into a wall with the database. I'll look into passing the data through options
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 08 2016 15:47
@matthew-sochor if all you need is an I frame then you can use the text box. It supports maekdown and html. It goes through sanitizantion, but maybe iframe is allowed.
Matthew A Sochor
Feb 08 2016 16:28
passing an iframe through the textbox was the first thing I tried and unfortunately I couldn't get it to work. Using the options in the Widget did however work to pass my url, thanks!
it seems like the iframe gets stripped out, probably during the sanitazation