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Feb 2016
Agam Rafaeli
Feb 13 2016 14:42
@arikfr In that case, just awaiting on the PR. :)
Feb 13 2016 20:13
Hi everyone - my first question in this room, so please be lenient if it's a dumb one :-)
I'm trying to set up reddish using vagrant on OS/X.
reddish=redash... damn that spell checker.
the dev version worked OK with regular port forwarding - localhost:9001 worked
then I tried to switch to 'private networking' so that the vagrant instance could see a redirected port on my host machine. I need to do this because my company has protected a redshift instance behind a bastion so I have to SSH from my host to the bastion to get to redshift.
and now redash should be available on, and it sort of is... but very few of the usual navigation options / tabs seem to work properly. Is there any reason why redash might object to this setup?
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 13 2016 20:19
Not really. Do you see any errors in the browser console?
Feb 13 2016 20:23
let me start with a clean build and check...
Feb 13 2016 21:02
okay... some progress
redash is now behaving itself... mostly. I browsed to data sources and set up a new source of type Postgres (to connect to redshift).
The difference this time was that instead of using localhost ( I used the vagrant IP address for the host machine ( and while this didn't connect (Error running query: asynchronous connection failed) when I created a basic query, redash appeared to be behaving normally.
One thing that seems to create problems is when I navigate away from a query to data sources. I get a browser warning about navigating away from a page losing any changes (which I assumed to mean the draft query) and when I say OK, I appear to have lost the database source I just set up.
Feb 13 2016 21:08
(FYI, the host machine has a port open to redshift, so from the host (i.e. my macbook pro w/ OS X) I can connect using localhost:5439)
strange... after some navigating around, my data sources are back. Let me keep investigating until I have something consistent for you.
thanks for responding so fast through :smile:
Feb 13 2016 22:26
Further research (looking directly at VirtualBox) revealed that I had been creating a number of VMs on my mac and not properly closing them down, thereby running out of memory. This seems like the most likely cause of any odd behaviour on behalf of redash - now I've killed off the unwanted VMs, it seems to be operating normally.
During my research, I did find this rather useful article on stack overflow about reverse tunnelling with vagrant:
it still hasn't solved my initial attempt to connect to a remote redshift database behind a bastion, but that could be for one of a number of reasons - and a job for another day.
Thanks again for your help