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Feb 2016
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 14 2016 06:41
@Ardibee did you try connecting to <host ip> instead of localhost on your Vagrant instance? it's been a long time since I worked with Vagrant, but I think you should be able to access your host with its IP. Although the method described in the StackOverflow question should work as well.
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 14 2016 07:38

@nzben @camerongrace there are two types of parameters/filters in Re:dash:

  1. Parameters:
  2. Filters/Multi-filters: /

The first are the more versatile ones and run on the database. If you place a parameterized query on a dashboard, the parameter you pass to the dashboard will be applied to the query. The downside of parameters is that currently they have no UI, and can be controlled from the URL only. You can link to them from another query, or from an external tool (like a link in your CRM to open customer data in Re:dash).

Filters run on the client side (browser) and actually bring all the data from the database, so better fit for smaller amounts of data (like filtering by country). It's possible to enable filter on a dashboard, but there no UI for it, and you need to use the admin (/admin/dashboard).

Let me know if you have questions or feedback about this.