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Feb 2016
Tiago Palma
Feb 16 2016 17:16

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to get redash running on docker. I have built the Dockerfile, I've changed the env. variables REDASH_REDIS_URL to redis:// and REDASH_DATABASE_URL to postgresql:// in docker-compose-example.yml and I've removed the nginx docker container.

When I do docker-compose up, I get the following error:
"redash_1 | [2016-02-16 17:02:55,522: ERROR/MainProcess] Task redash.tasks.refresh_queries[86f633f7-65e9-428e-b01b-0f350bd2cc70] raised unexpected: OperationalError('could not connect to server: No such file or directory\n\tIs the server running locally and accepting\n\tconnections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?\n',)."

From the redash docker container, I am able to telnet to postgres on port 5432.
I've tried to run the script "", hoping that it would create the necessary database and tables in postgres, but no luck. I get other issues with the python imports in

Can anyone tell me if I am missing any step?


Arik Fraimovich
Feb 16 2016 18:06
@tiago-palma looks like it doesn't use you database setting. Can you share your full Docker compose file?
Tiago Palma
Feb 16 2016 21:11

sure @arikfr
image: redash

- "5000:5000"


- redis
- postgres

REDASH_DATABASE_URL: postgresql://
REDASH_COOKIE_SECRET: "veryverysecret"
image: redis:2.8
image: postgres:9.3

  • /tmp/postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 16 2016 21:15
@tiago-palma did you have a .env file in the directory you built your docker image? if you have it takes precedence over the environment variables. remove it and rebuild.
Tiago Palma
Feb 16 2016 21:16
the only file I have is .env.example
should I remove that?
the docker-compose pulls postgres:9.3 image, but in which step does the redash database and tables get created?
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 16 2016 21:23
No, the example file has no effect. But looking again at your config, I noticed that it's malformed - it has host and port but no user or db name.
You should create the tables yourself
The create db script can help but you need to fix the db url.
Tiago Palma
Feb 16 2016 21:26
you mean the script in setup/docker?
Gavin Todes
Feb 16 2016 23:07
Any idea if it's possible to connect to an RDS MySQL instance with SSL? With RDS, you connect using a root CA but no client certificate or private key. I've tried leaving those fields blank but when running a query I get this error: "Error running query: SSL connection error: ASN: bad other signature confirmation"