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Feb 2016
Parker Lawrence
Feb 26 2016 17:43
I'm finding that every so often all of my queries end up getting queued and I have to restart the celery workers. I'm considering writing a cron job to do this automatically every so often, but that struck me as less than ideal so I wanted to check if this is a known issue and if so if there are any more elegant solutions (or maybe if it's been addressed and I need to upgrade)?
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 26 2016 17:54
@parkeristyping definitely not ideal. At EverythingMe we got to the point that we almost had no issues with the workers. But now I'm occasionally having some issues and looking into it. Sometimes it looks like Celery issues but other times it's connectivity issues with the databases.
@parkeristyping what database do you use?
Feb 26 2016 19:40
@arikfr Hi, where is the UI for permission edit? Datasouce permission can be modified, but other permission(view_dashboard, execute_query, ...etc) cant be modified by both of Web UI and