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Mar 2016
Parker Lawrence
Mar 02 2016 16:02
@arikfr No. Using the following query described in the AWS docs (run as superuser), I see no running queries.
select pid, trim(user_name), starttime, substring(query,1,20) 
from stv_recents
where status='Running';
Next time it happens I'll do a bit more digging and see what I can find
Alex DeBrie
Mar 02 2016 17:37
@parkeristyping We had some issues where queries that were failing would keep getting retried and tied up our workers. we ended up having actual queries in the re:dash queue, rather than the Redshift queue
Arik Fraimovich
Mar 02 2016 18:24

@parkeristyping It can be what @alexdebrie described, but then I would expect to see some queries in Redshift's queue as well. In your case it might be connectivity settings between your EC2 instance and Redshift. I stumbled at this a few times. I would start with verifying your MTU setting is 1500 (see for details) and if this doesn't help verify the keep alive settings (

But if both the cluster and Redash instance on the same VPC, it's more likely the MTU than the keep alive.

If both settings are correct, try increasing # of Re:dash workers to eliminate the case that some queries keep the queue busy.