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Mar 2016
Mar 25 2016 14:12
@lloydw the command is inserting records, so inserting records not possible in redash?
Mar 25 2016 16:56
@arikfr how much time does it take to run fab script for re:dash upgrade? Mine has been running for more than 15 minutes now. I am running re:dash on VM (ubuntu 14.04) and the fab script is stuck after downloading latest version and asking me for the password.
Mar 25 2016 18:25
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.23.43 PM.png
Lloyd Weehuizen
Mar 25 2016 23:36
@just10minutes not really redash is not designed for that, its designed for querying and graphing your data, not creating them. Thats what your software should do. If you're just looking for a mysql admin tool, get mysql workbench.