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Apr 2016
Apr 27 2016 17:01
Hi -- quick question. Any way to change the fonts on the x-axis in charts? Or any way to make charts smaller so x-axis is viewable? My x-axis is always getting cut off.
Parker Lawrence
Apr 27 2016 17:26
FYI the new Excel download feature is omitting some data for me. Namely, some but not all long URL strings (my examples were 270-290 characters). I can send an example URL in a PM if needed
Apr 27 2016 19:25

Hello guys!

When you get the message "Query in queue" what do you do?

I used to restart celery with: sudo supervisorctl restart redash_celery
Trying to fix the problem I increasead the number of works on /opt/redash/supervisord/supervisord.conf:

command=/opt/redash/current/bin/run celery worker --app=redash.worker --beat -Qqueries,celery,scheduled_queries -s /tmp/redash-celerybeat-schedule -c 6

I was expecting to get the queries getting executed faster with the configuration. But seems that this did not worked.

Trying to see which query got stuck, I run: ./bin/run celery --app=redash.worker inspect active
But always I only see one listed. I was expecting to see 6 queries running.

Trying to see the queries which will run next, I run the follwing command: ./bin/run celery --app=redash.worker inspect scheduled.
on the command line I got:

-> celery@redash: OK
    - empty -

So I have some questions:

  1. If I want to know what queries are running right now, what should I do?
  2. What I should do to know what queries are on queue?
Arik Fraimovich
Apr 27 2016 19:44
@davidjhall getredash/redash#1007 has a solution for this. Once it merged, it will be part of the next release.
@parkeristyping yes, an example will be great.
@WesleyBatista make sure Celery picked up the new configuration (it prints concurrency level when starting). If not, try restarting supervisor to pick up new configuration. Getting correct state from Celery is a bit tricky and depends on configuration. That's why I did getredash/redash#856.
Apr 27 2016 19:57

@arikfr, I do:
./bin/run celery --app=redash.worker inspect stats

And I got:

-> celery@redash: OK
        "broker": {
            "alternates": [],
            "connect_timeout": 4,
            "heartbeat": null,
            "hostname": "localhost",
            "insist": false,
            "login_method": null,
            "port": 6379,
            "ssl": false,
            "transport": "redis",
            "transport_options": {},
            "uri_prefix": null,
            "userid": null,
            "virtual_host": "1"
        "clock": "10987",
        "pid": 24778,
        "pool": {
            "max-concurrency": 6,
            "max-tasks-per-child": "N/A",
            "processes": [
As we an see Celery got the configs
Oh, sorry! you mentioned the supervirsor
Well, when I did the changes I restarted redash with: sudo service redash_supervisord restart
This should work, right?
Arik Fraimovich
Apr 27 2016 20:00
Apr 27 2016 20:07
But @arikfr, do you have any idea on how to decrease the time on "Query in queue"?
It is a common issue?