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May 2016
martin sarsale
May 04 2016 18:03
@arikfr I found a oneliner to backup the DB which works but the output file is huge. I suspect it's including cached results. Can I skip those cache tables?
Arik Fraimovich
May 04 2016 18:41
@runa in theory you can, but then you will have an issue with the restore. I didn't figure out yet how to overcome this... :(
martin sarsale
May 04 2016 20:52
@arikfr um. couldn't you make cache lookups fails non-critical?
ie, if the data should be on the cache but it's not, just re execute the query?
May 04 2016 22:37
I just finsihed setting up a dev environment from AMI image. I'm reading data from a data source into the redash.
It works great till now! Next I was exploring to add widgets on the new dashboard I created. After choosing the query I only see 2 available widgets -- table or chart. Why don't I see the option to add other widgets which redash has?