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May 2016
May 17 2016 00:04
@suniljagadish you can do that. Look at
May 17 2016 00:38
Hi, I have a question about the filter functionality. I'd like to provide a filter that the user may select if they choose, or they would have the choice to see all the data together, unfiltered. Is that possible? I put "SELECT network AS "network::filter" " in my query, but it is forcing that only one value at a time can be displayed.
The behavior I expected was: on arriving at the dashboard the filter would be unselected, and all the data would be displayed. Only when the user selected something from the drop-down would it restrict to a subset of the data.
Sunil Jagadish
May 17 2016 00:51
@ChiragKParmar Thanks so much for the pointer!
Arik Fraimovich
May 17 2016 05:43
@suniljagadish btw, providing UI to provide parameters value is planned for the next release.
@astewart-twist you can't :\ I'm not sure if it will work, but maybe if you make the spreadsheet available to anyone with the link it will work without sharing.
@michelecoleman it's currently not possible. You can follow this issue: getredash/redash#608 to know when it's implemented.
May 17 2016 23:00
is there a trick to getting auto refresh working on the dashboard? I haven't seen it work yet, but I don't know if there's a specific set of settings that need to be in place.
May 17 2016 23:08
It seems like the refresh schedule doesn't apply to the python query runner?
May 17 2016 23:15
nvm ... looks like the query runner is working ... but auto refresh doesn' t look like it's doing anything