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May 2016
Arik Fraimovich
May 19 2016 07:08
@/all if you are using 0.10.0 pay attention to this: getredash/redash#1064
Brayan Steven Rendón
May 19 2016 18:31
Hi, I'm interested in using re:dash as part of a SaaS business application so I wonder if there is any additional restriction to the license to provide the copyright notice in an about, legal info or if you have any cost?
Arik Fraimovich
May 19 2016 18:41
@braren check the license file. It's BSD and very liberal
Brayan Steven Rendón
May 19 2016 19:26
@arikfr Thanks!
Michele Volpato
May 19 2016 19:58
@arikfr where can I make a donation?
May 19 2016 20:47
@arikfr - Hi Arik - In the python query runner, is it possible to configure it to pass query parameters to queries as part of it getting results? We have api's set up to refresh the data, but it doesn't look like get_query_results gets data when I have the query setup to accept parameters ...