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May 2016
Mango Baaz
May 25 2016 00:40
@arikfr : My only concern was maybe not creating a large number of data sources if you have many such users but i guess that fine. Thanks
Another question. I have Google OAuth working. Do i have an option of still creating a username/password without a google email?
May 25 2016 01:29
PS Thanks @arikfr -- will look into upgrading the box or something. Thanks for your help!
Arik Fraimovich
May 25 2016 04:58
@Orange19810_twitter the main issue with creating many data sources is the need to manage them all. Depends on your usage, you can automate it with the API.
@Orange19810_twitter you can still use username/password when OAuth is enabled.
May 25 2016 20:19
Hi guys. I'm querying BQ in redash and hitting a Resources Exceeded error. Is there a way to submit the queries with allowLargeResults?
Arik Fraimovich
May 25 2016 20:31
@BOOKWOMANSTAIRS_twitter it might require some change to the query runner, so we can expose this as a parameter
May 25 2016 23:36
Are there plans to add a search-esque filter to tables? The current filter kind of gets you there, but there's no option to show all. (I'm currently on v0.9)
Mango Baaz
May 25 2016 23:47
@arikfr . Thank you . Havent used the API yet. Will surly try that. Will i have to create that non email user somehow in the backend as through the UI under users if i create a user without an email it tells me that email needs to be valid.