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Jun 2016
Neil Shah
Jun 03 2016 02:54
@alisonhbaum_twitter - You can put it up for discussion on
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 03 2016 03:42
@alisonhbaum_twitter hi. Here or the discussion forum are both good places. Because of the timezone differences between us we can try and schedule some time slot that will work for both of is
@alisonhbaum_twitter *us... (I'm the project creator btw)
Jun 03 2016 07:30
Hi guys. How do I configure the user profiles(or more specifically the group settings) so that a group of users can only consume information without being able to create dashboards, view/create queries, etc.
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 03 2016 07:31
@niibruce you need to manually update the group's permissions in the database. There might be an interface for it in the future, but currently I try not to encourage such usage because it goes against the idea of opening your data.
Ivan Brotkin
Jun 03 2016 14:43
Hi all! Does anybody use influxdb queries? It works, but I cant use magic __filter fields, cause influx rases error if I add server or host tag into SELECT list with grouping