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Jun 2016
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 05 2016 05:29
@biakaveron Influx has no support for aliases in a query?
Ivan Brotkin
Jun 05 2016 05:41
@arikfr Here is my query with grouping by hosts:
select max(used_percent) as memory from telegraf."default".mem where time > now() - 7d and host =~ /.web-fe-./ group by host, time(30m)
@arikfr as you can see, there is no column names, just aggregate, but it returns host and time without declaring them in SELECT part
@arikfr and select host, max(used_percent) ... call raises "mixing aggregate and non-aggregate queries is not supported" error
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 05 2016 05:49
@biakaveron looks like it's not possible.
Jun 05 2016 06:50
@dhuynh : Now you can create a Bigquery table from a Google Spreadsheet. This way, you can query a Google Spreadheet on Redash using Redash's Bigquery connector. This will allow you to write more advanced queries (using Bigquery version of SQL or standard SQL (alpha in Bigquery)) to get data from Google Spreadsheet into Redash !