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Jun 2016
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 11 2016 07:25
@Mikodes sorry, misunderstood your question. We have added an extension that works like this : {"$humanTime": "1 day ago"}. I'm actually not sure what it takes to get current time... Maybe just "now".
Jon Scott
Jun 11 2016 07:33

Thanks @arikfr , i will raise an issue for the error handling

However, my real issue is that a report run with parameters does not get saved unless you press the save button.

For example, i have a query "select '{{jon}}'", if i run that either interactively or through an embed such as

the query runs, displays fine but then if i try
Then I do not get the json for what I just ran, instead i get the run that I last pressed the save button on (on the editor), or error 500 if i did not save a valid run.

Is is possible to get json output a different way, perhaps through the embed route? or is it possible to have embed, or link that will save the query result without pressing save first?

Mike Lopez
Jun 11 2016 10:39
@arikfr wow amazing u know witch extension is ?? for to find doc , thx !
Martin Malek
Jun 11 2016 13:14
Hi Redash.
How does your product compare with Periscope Data
Could you point me to a comparison? Thanks. :)