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Jun 2016
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 14 2016 05:52
@jeffwidman answered there. thank you for moving the discussion there :)
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 14 2016 07:44
@solutionrooms see getredash/redash#1116 you will get a more meaningful error now instead of 500.
Neil Shah
Jun 14 2016 09:57
@arikfr - Do you have a planned date for V 0.11 release?
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 14 2016 10:21
@shahneil88 almost all the issues for this milestone are closed, so it should be soon.
Jon Scott
Jun 14 2016 10:54
@arikfr re getredash/redash#1116 - great.. though hopefully i wont be getting the error when 1069 is completed :)
Boris Borshevsky
Jun 14 2016 11:09
I'm looking for an install guide for centos, anyone figured this out?
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 14 2016 11:22
@Bborshevsky_twitter you can use the Amazon Linux setup script as reference
Nick Grygiel
Jun 14 2016 12:08
Hey @arikfr - Not sure if you saw my question from yesterday. Here it is again: Hey, is there some way to access all of the dashboards created? The drop-down menu only lists about half of them, with the other half being cut off at the bottom of the page (The list doesn't scroll, is this a bug?). I know there's no 'My Dashboards' page, but is there any way to access all of them?
Jun 14 2016 12:36
Hi all. I have 1 question: I has instance ReDash 0.10.1+b1836 on Google Compute Engee. All work's fine, but sometimes I get error 500 (Internal transfer error) when i try connect to server. Sometimes i can open server from IE but can't open from chrome or firefox. All come's back to normal only if I restart my GCE. Anybody get some situation?
Mango Baaz
Jun 14 2016 22:28
Hello, Anyway to create a filter on the dashboard for the query? Like a date filter/selector or something similar?
Mango Baaz
Jun 14 2016 22:47
I found the date filter but it was not working , then say a fix was made in the new version. Nice