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Jun 2016
Antoine Augusti
Jun 29 2016 07:47
@contractor05 Redash is an open source project, without any dedicated support team. Especially if you're not so nice like this
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 29 2016 08:39
@contractor05 just to expand on what @AntoineAugusti said: we do provide support for those who use the (paid) hosted solution. But indeed there is no dedicated support team for the open source users. We (the Redash team) and other nice users like @AntoineAugusti do try to help here.
@moshe0076 still have that issue?
@teguhn_twitter do you have some proxy in front of Redash? From the error it seems like something is adding the X-Frame-Options header (which we don't send ourselves).