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Jul 2016
Alex Aslanoglou
Jul 04 2016 07:54
What about returning json or csv via the rest api when the query contains params? (working on 0.10.1+b1836). I get an Internal server error
Jul 04 2016 10:45
Hi Arik. I'm trying to find to to user the following feature: "76ee886 #777: Treat query errors as expected errors"
don't see anywhere how to do that. I have a query that fails occasional. I want to ignore it.
Jul 04 2016 14:47
Getting 500 internal server error when update redash 0.4 to 0.10 version
Following scripts are failed at update time
Arik Fraimovich
Jul 04 2016 14:53
0.40 is a very old version, so it's possible there might be issues with the migrations. You need to review the errors and apply changes (if needed) manually... :\
@dannyz29 you can just ignore it then. What that change did was just a configuration for Celery.
@AlexAslan this is not supported yet.
Jul 04 2016 14:57
Please let me know how to connect redash to impala.
Jul 04 2016 17:05
@arikfr - one more question - (for now :) - where can we access the credentials for the redash database? to adjust the group permissions manually ...
Jul 04 2016 18:42

hi, I need to convert a varchar column to datetime. the existing date format is like '06/15/2016 10:12:17'

I tired select to_date('06/15/2016 10:12:17','yyyy-MM-dd HH:MI:SS.SSSSS');

But it gives me 07/09/12, which is not right

can anybody help me on this please ?
select convert(datetime,'06/15/2016 10:12:17',102) --- this works in sql server but not in redash
I believe some other conversion needs to be done