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Jul 2016
Arik Fraimovich
Jul 22 2016 11:26
@ramyakalyan_twitter something isn't right in the example you sent. it looks like you're running those command from the Vagrant guest machine & those are not the commands from the documentation. What happens when you run ./bin/ start from the host machine?
@manubhats you need to install the needed dependencies for Presto (pyhive iirc, maybe something else).
@zachvanduyn the text widget takes html, but it sanitizes it. I'm not sure if iframe is allowed, but you can try. You can also disable the sanitization, but it's not always recommended.
Teguh Nugraha
Jul 22 2016 15:12
I've tried sudo -u redash bin/run ./ users delete
but the user has events
should I delete the events first?
Manu Bhat
Jul 22 2016 16:52
Thank you Arik!
Is there a way to get the development environment setup on an IDE like Pycharm? I'm currently running redash on a vm(ubuntu 14.04)
the path to redash is /opt/redash/current/redash.... How to get started with development on redash? edit files on redash folder and see changes on browser?
Manu Bhat
Jul 22 2016 21:58
Any help appreciated!!