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Aug 2016
Arik Fraimovich
Aug 19 2016 04:13
@shashank88 there is currently a delay with refreshing the schema. I think that by now it should be updated. I also replied in Intercom (the internal messenger in the app) and let's continue the conversation there.
Alex Sukstansky
Aug 19 2016 16:04
Hi there. I've got a problem after trying to restart a service. sudo /etc/init.d/redash_supervisord restart
sudo: unable to resolve host ip-10-35-0-206
  • Restarting process supervisor supervisord
Now supervisord status gives "running", but site shows BadGateway
Also attempt to restart services fails with: sudo supervisorctl restart all
sudo: unable to resolve host ip-10-35-0-206
redash_celery: ERROR (abnormal termination)
redash_server: ERROR (abnormal termination)
redash_celery_scheduled: ERROR (abnormal termination)
Right before the demo :) Thank you in advance for help!
Arik Fraimovich
Aug 19 2016 20:26
^ Next version of Redash is going to have a much better auto complete experience...
Rahul Singh
Aug 19 2016 21:55
@norbertbede we use redash for our client projects and am planning to support it as part of a distribution. I've been so busy supporting our customer I haven't had time to come back and contribute. I have some ideas re: accessing different data stores and on the UI