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Aug 2016
Katharine Matsumoto
Aug 30 2016 05:18
how would you query the metadata to get a summary of what level permissions each user has by data source? i'd love to save an easy query to do a visual audit of each user's permission levels
Saadullah Saeed
Aug 30 2016 07:33
Hi there, was hoping to get some help in figuring out a Redirect loop issue on login.
Aug 30 2016 09:10
HI, just wanted to ask again if its possible to make redash alert more custom
Arik Fraimovich
Aug 30 2016 11:52
@snirad what do you mean by more custom?
@saadullahsaeed what do you experience?
@kmmats you need to query the data_source_groups table (along with the groups column of the users table). Please share the query you create.
Aug 30 2016 12:09
@arikfr , well I would like to send the query descriptoin as well as the query result and the error threshold
headers = { "authorization": "Token" }
       url =  "{host}/api/queries/{}/results.json"

        html = """
        Check <a href="{host}/alerts/{alert_id}">alert</a> / check <a href="{host}/queries/{query_id}">query</a>query id: "${reqdata}"
        logging.debug("Notifying: %s", recipients)
this didnt work as expected
Arik Fraimovich
Aug 30 2016 14:46
what didn't work about it?