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Sep 2016
Neil Shah
Sep 13 2016 09:36
@arikfr - I need to replicate around 10-12 queries and associated visualisation for redshift. Only change would be schema name.
One way to do it is "fork" it. But, that would be doing it 1 by 1 for all queries without visualization.
Any other way to do it quickly?
Arik Fraimovich
Sep 13 2016 09:52
You can write a script that does that using the API.
Sep 13 2016 18:24
@shahneil88, to do not waste time thinking about the code, you can try these 2 related PRs: #1253 and #1256
@arikfr, today, on public dashboards, the anonymous users are not able to download the dataset of a visualization.
Where exactly should I take a look if I want to enable the download for public dashboards?
Arik Fraimovich
Sep 13 2016 18:47
@WesleyBatista currently we preload the all the data when loading the page. To properly implement this feature, we need to change how public dashboards work. Instead of preloading all the results, we need to make the public dashboard work the same as regular dashboard -- call the query results API. For this to work, we need to solve authentication -- basically find a mechanism to allow the dashboard API key to load these results. One way to do it, is to calculate permissions in runtime, with the formula of: access to dashboard == access to all its queries/results.