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Oct 2016
Takahiro Mitsumori
Oct 27 2016 01:48
@arikfr Oh, I see. How to deploy the master to Ubuntu? How to update database to newer?
Oct 27 2016 02:50
@arikfr It was my browser problem, I should use IE,but i use another browser client
@arikfr thanks for help
Allen Short
Oct 27 2016 06:37
@arikfr Exciting news. Might want to talk with you next week about the sqlalchemy stuff.
Arik Fraimovich
Oct 27 2016 09:54
@washort I'll be happy to. You know where to find me :-)
@TMit how did you install redash?
Oct 27 2016 10:12
Hi, can I know what is the latest release version now?
I'm currently using 0.11.1+b2905
im not sure if this is the latest version
and the one in the demo is 0.12
Arik Fraimovich
Oct 27 2016 10:16
0.11.1 is the latest stable version. 0.12 is the next that will be released. The demo instance is always ahead of the stable version.
Oct 27 2016 10:17
would i be able to install 0.12?
btw, great work!
Arik Fraimovich
Oct 27 2016 10:18
yes, you just need to use deploy_latest_release:stable=false instead of deploy_latest_release.
Oct 27 2016 10:20
ic.. thanks. where can i get the list of add-on features for 0.12?
Oct 27 2016 10:23
it's google map on the pipeline