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Nov 2016
Alex Aslanoglou
Nov 04 2016 15:03
Hello...I tried to migrate the db from a running instance ( 0.10.1+b1836) to a new one (0.11.1+b2095) but I receive an error 500 in the ui dev console...The weird thing is that although I can query the data sources I cannot see the old data
Rahul Singh
Nov 04 2016 15:38
Question - I have seen that when I deploy a new version (via Docker) it connects / authenticates fine and I can see the queries / dashboards listed but the data doesn't come back. I figured out that this is because the relationship between the postgresql and the redis key is dependent on the version of redash (may be wrong) but when I downgrade back to the original version it works fine.
Should I just flush the redis instance / keys? Or is there a better way? @arikfr
Rahul Singh
Nov 04 2016 15:44
Actually NM. getredash/redash#1079
Fernando Paiva
Nov 04 2016 18:23
Hey guys, anyone here using redash through a Bitnami instance? I'm having trouble using Best,