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Nov 2016
Neil Shah
Nov 15 2016 01:29
I have created a dashboard with 6 widgets in it. Widgets are refreshed every 24 hours. When I open Dashboard, I see the bottom part of each widgets as "refreshed n hours ago", but it does not display new /refreshed values. I have to manually click on refresh button on each widget for new values to be shown. I believe it to be some cache issue. Any pointers to resolve it? @arikfr
Nov 15 2016 02:50
is there someone here that know how much memory that redash need ? as i have 1M row data at the result and it's make Out Of Memory and our server hung.
Allen Short
Nov 15 2016 03:25
how much memory do you have available?
Nov 15 2016 04:40
Allen Short
Nov 15 2016 05:23
well, that leaves only 2k per row
which probably isn't enough
Nov 15 2016 06:28
so the only thing that i can made is increase the memory ?
Nov 15 2016 17:29
Hey Guys, the I've got redash on a t2.small instance and the queries have stopped refreshing, I'm not seeing anything in the logs to tell me the workers are crashing. Where should I look next to track down the issue.
Hamish Dickson
Nov 15 2016 18:40
heya, am I right in thinking that I can use redash over elasticsearch?
if so, can I in principle run any elasticsearch query? I can’t find many examples out there, so just want to make sure that’s true before I proceed in setting something up
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 15 2016 19:56
@surfhog_twitter when you open celery's log (/opt/redash/logs/celery_error.log) do you see anything get written there that indicates that it's processing queries?
as a quick solution, see "Restarting Celery Workers & the Queries Queue" here:
@hamishdickson in theory you can run anything. in practice we had some issues in the past, those that we encountered were fixed. but in general the elasticsearch query runner isn't as robust as the others.
@LIQRGV for now, yes
@shahneil88 maybe at the time the query ran those are the results the db had?
@devendragohil it will be very hard to install all the dependencies on windows. you will have better luck with some virtual machine.