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Jan 2017
Lucky Luke
Jan 05 2017 09:56
@arikfr thanks so much for your help. it worked !
Lucky Luke
Jan 05 2017 10:02
@arikfr I have one more question: I would like to have tables and combo-boxes on the same dashboard page - so that when the user selects one value from the list - this would change the values displayed in the tables. is it possible?
Jan 05 2017 13:23
@arikfr : am facing issue with presto connection
Arik Fraimovich
Jan 05 2017 20:03
@parkeristyping I'm not sure. It's tricky to officially support, because then we need to add support for it across all query runners, figure out a general strategy on how to map users to db usernames, etc. What I'm thinking of is to add a plugin entry point, so right before we pass the configuration to the query runner we will call this plugin with {data source configuration, user info} and let it an option to return updated configuration. What do you think of this option?
@noChamp what do you refer to as combo boxes?
@RajkumarKadari if you want someone to help you, you need to give more information. what kind of issue? some kind of specific error? does the test connection pass or not?
@washort ApiKey entry where the object is the User. But I need to review this again and to think of the cases.