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Jan 2017
Arik Fraimovich
Jan 23 2017 08:41
@jtuulos sure! you will need to whitelist:
@spasovski I was actually planning to move to SCSS. But not for a technical reason: I'm hiring someone to rewrite our CSS to drop the theme we're using and have everything inside the project. I believe he uses SCSS. If it makes sense, I can check with him if he minds using Stylus.
Hi :wave: I published new developer guide including how to use Docker for the dev workflow. Would love to have your feedback. Thanks :)
Neil Shah
Jan 23 2017 09:26
Windows users: while it should be possible to run Redash on a Windows machine, we don't know anyone who did this and lived to tell. :laughing:
Arik Fraimovich
Jan 23 2017 12:31
:) true story...
Jyri Tuulos
Jan 23 2017 17:21
@arikfr Thanks!
Davor Spasovski
Jan 23 2017 17:40
scss might be fine too though I quite like Stylus