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Jan 2017
Arik Fraimovich
Jan 24 2017 07:55
@spasovski the guy who will be redoing our stylesheet prefers scss, so will roll with it. he's going to recreate our current stylesheet with scss proper so it will be easier to maintain and change.
Jan 24 2017 11:30
@arikfr Hi. Question about users and datasources. I have to split the the users up between different groups and each group can view only their datasource. I managed to do this without problems. Each group of users has their own dashboard. Problem is the dashboards are available to view for all the users and limited to their group (datasource).
last bit should read - and not limited to their group (datasource).
However the dashboards only show a text box containing a picture from a public URL, not the actual data from the datasource. The actual data is hidden behind a little lock.
Are the dashboards listed irrespective of the user due to the picture from the public URL?