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Feb 2017
Feb 03 2017 01:03
Cheers @arikfr :)
Perhaps when a few more people are generally more awake could anyone give a few tips w.r.t writing queries against a Dynamo DB.?
Using this query from redash but the count is throwing up errors. eg. select event,
count(event) as event_count,
FROM events
group by 1
Feb 03 2017 10:32

Hi and thanks for the great work!!
After one year i descided to try redash again and you did a great job in that time.

My problem is, that the dashboard filters don't work. I activated them, but they just have no affect if i select values in the dropdown. I updated to v1.0.0-rc1 but they still dont't work. Am i doing something wrong?

But the global parameters do and they are great. Thanks for that!!!
They would be perfect if they had the type "dropdown" and valide values could be inserted by another query. Is something like that planned?

Arik Fraimovich
Feb 03 2017 16:17
@niibruce did you check the DQL reference? what kind of error are you getting?
@Jonnyblacklabel I guess you're using parameters along with filters - it doesn't work, there is an open issue for this . re. dropdown -- it is planned. no ETA or anything, but I know that someone been already looking into this.