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Feb 2017
Feb 13 2017 03:59
sorry, may I have a question?
I upgrade to 0.12.0 on console but the web page is still 0.10.1.b1834....
what is the problem...? if you know, please tell me.
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 13 2017 08:14
Did you remove the old gunicorn process ? It might be still serving requests and hence the wrong version number.
Feb 13 2017 13:11
Hi, we are using redash 1.0 rc1, and when i tried to share a dashboard i get "Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: eProvider <- e" . after that i build redash without "NODE_ENV=production", after that sharing works, but when i open the url i only get "Internal Server Error"
Feb 13 2017 14:17
Hi all! I'm looking at redash right now to see if it fits my needs. I have Cassandra full of events, and the thing is that each event basically is id and json field, so I need to somehow "postprocess" data from Cassandra, i.e. parse this json, before giving data to Redash. Is this possible inside Redash?