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Feb 2017
Abdelrahman Mahmoud
Feb 15 2017 03:55
how do I run the query proxy for athena ?
Abdelrahman Mahmoud
Feb 15 2017 04:23
nevermind .. I figured it out
Feb 15 2017 08:32
@arikfr any news on the sharing issue?
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 15 2017 09:08
@deecay to be honest, I never tested Redash on IE. It's not a high priority, but happy to merge relevant fixes.
@hebbet it's a bug, I will need to look into it. will happen in the next days. feel free to open a github issue, for easier tracking of this.
@spasovski thank you for the reminder. can you add more screenshots of how the UI looks like with this feature? it will help me with the review :thumbsup:
Feb 15 2017 09:10
@arikfr OK. I will try to come up with decent PR. Thanks for the reply.
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 15 2017 09:12
@deecay thanks!
Sai Kiran Reddy
Feb 15 2017 22:32
Iam installed redash using docker
@arikfr Iam installed redash using docker, how can i add cassandra to the UI