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Feb 2017
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 16 2017 15:58
@mskreddy what image did you use?
Parker Lawrence
Feb 16 2017 16:47
@arikfr just got emails setup with SES. Pretty straightforward :+1: One note: I had to set the TLS env var to true to get it to work, which I pieced together from running that test email command (also :+1:). Anyway, assuming this is in fact default SES behavior, a note in the docs would have saved me a few minutes
Sai Kiran Reddy
Feb 16 2017 19:41
@arikfr I installed redash on centos 7
with latest build from git
Sai Kiran Reddy
Feb 16 2017 20:30
i dint use the image i installed it using docker