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Feb 2017
Rohit Mukherjee
Feb 21 2017 08:11
thanks works
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 21 2017 08:12
great :thumbsup:
Rohit Mukherjee
Feb 21 2017 08:31
@arikfr - error is now Connection Test Failed:
404 Client Error: Not Found for url: http://xxxx:4567/
also how to downgrade redash from 1.0 to 0.12 , i was reading athena proxy runs only on 0.12
getting this error while creating athena data source and testing connection
Rohit Mukherjee
Feb 21 2017 08:51
figured it out and working fine now
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 21 2017 11:39
@rohit_rubul_twitter what did you set as the ATHENA_PROXY_URL value? it should be the proxy url with /query at the end. so in your case http://xxxx:4567/query.
@rohit_rubul_twitter there is no defined procedure for downgrading.
oh just noticed you wrote that you figured it out. oops :)
Feb 21 2017 11:41
@arikfr - oh yeah I saw a screenshot somewhere that looked like it was doing auto-discovery, but realise now it was just a generic screenshot of the query editor.
hoping to make use of jira in conjunction with our in-house configuration management database - but looks like cross querying jira and a database isn't possible right now.