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Feb 2017
Rohit Mukherjee
Feb 22 2017 03:42
@arikfr - thanks a lot for all help..:) all good now
Feb 22 2017 10:13
@arikfr : how to change the time zone format
Feb 22 2017 11:35
Problem statement: I have shipped_date in the hive table shipped date to current time duration is greater than 72 hours ) so in that i used CURRENT_TIMESTAMP it is taking US/Pacific format i want change the time zone IST
Feb 22 2017 11:49
Feb 22 2017 15:32
@arikfr is there something wrong with the Query Result as Data Source?
It's not working... when I create a data source with query results, the connection fails.
Arik Fraimovich
Feb 22 2017 18:50
@RajkumarKadari from the description it sounds like something in your query, in which case Redash has no impact on it. you will just need to convert the current_timestamp to the relevant time zone. maybe your database has another function that returns utc timestmap.
@xanderayes send me in private the query url and I will take a look.
Feb 22 2017 20:10
hello! is it possible to upload a file to redash?
I have some json that I'd like to analyze and share via redash but it's a one off thing and it's cumbersome to try and get a url up
Andres Vargas
Feb 22 2017 23:56
yums de branch master it had datasources working ?