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Mar 2017
Kirill Maksimov
Mar 02 2017 13:44
hey guys, I'm having trouble setting up redash with RDS
looks like I can't pass the password in the docker variable
postgresql://user:password@host does not seem to work
is there anything I'm missing?
Juvenn Woo
Mar 02 2017 13:46
Dear all, I've installed redash with official docker image redash:redash. But I am not able to login with admin:admin, anyone know the username of the default?
Arik Fraimovich
Mar 02 2017 13:50
@metachu check the last example here:
@akash1233 there is a long thread on the forum about this
@netoneko what kind of issue are you having?
@juvenn you need to create the admin user with the cli
Kirill Maksimov
Mar 02 2017 13:56
@arikfr I have two issues currently: first I could not pass the password (now for some reason this problem disappeared)
and second problem: worker_1 | [2017-03-02 13:55:18,538: ERROR/Beat] Removing corrupted schedule file 'celerybeat-schedule': DBAccessError(13, 'Permission denied')
Kirill Maksimov
Mar 02 2017 14:06
also: is there any healthckeck url?
Juvenn Woo
Mar 02 2017 14:12
@netoneko It seems like you're missing the database part: postgresql://user:password@host/database. Try it, I've just setup one instance.
Also note, that the user should have privileges to write in database.
Kirill Maksimov
Mar 02 2017 14:28
Yeah, looks like it's working now
Mar 02 2017 15:15
Hi everyone, I have the following question: Can someone help me?