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Mar 2017
Mar 05 2017 12:12
I want to use an RDS PostgreSQL as the metadata store for ReDash. Where can I find documentation how to do that?
Arik Fraimovich
Mar 05 2017 12:13
@netoneko healthcheck: /ping re. second issue: I think it's an issue with the bin/docker-entrypoint script, you need to remove the usermod line. I haven't commited this to master, as still need an alternative solution for the dev setup.
@luiscarlosplataforma wanted to suggest using extended JSON, but I see you already figured this out :thumbsup:
@deecay see my message to @netoneko , but actually the idea of using /tmp for this file will solve the issue of file permissions on /app folder. thanks :thumbsup:
Mar 05 2017 12:16
@arikfr Thanks!
Mar 05 2017 13:18
@arikfr Can you give an example for the connection string including a password, is it "postgresql://username:password@db-host : port/db-name"
Juvenn Woo
Mar 05 2017 13:40
@moshe0076 Yes, it is.