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Mar 2017
Cole Calistra
Mar 10 2017 14:00
Hi... Been using Redash for awhile, but when I went to use it today all my queries that had been running fine are getting this error (using Redshift as a data source): Error running query: (sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError) A value is required for bind parameter 'queries_version' I looked around and didn't see any issues filed on Github, etc. Any ideas? I'm running 1.0.0+b2777 upgraded to 1.0 on launch day from older version..
Seem to get that error when I run an old (saved) query or try to save a new query.. New queries will execute, but not save
martin sarsale
Mar 10 2017 14:44
I've moved my GCP instance to another machine and now, queries take a lot to run (even if the datasources are the same). I've raised the number of celery workers to 5 but still, the System Status > Queue > "In progress" tab shows just 1-3 queries at the same time
martin sarsale
Mar 10 2017 14:59
@arikfr :point_up:
martin sarsale
Mar 10 2017 18:41
ok, so I found it. I've upgraded to mysql 5.7 and had a lot of queries with the now-strict GROUP BY ; and since I was not running master (that has the backoff for failed queries), everything fails
I had tens of failed queries/second