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Mar 2017
Mar 12 2017 08:38
HI, I want to install redash in another machine, how can I migrate data of current host to the new machine , I packed the pg data folder ant untared it in the new machine, but it doesn't work
Kirill Maksimov
Mar 12 2017 15:10
Does redash have any debug logs? I am trying to create an Athena data source and it just crashes saying "failed to save"
hmm, now Athena does not even show up in a list of options
@arikfr I will give /ping a try, thank you
Kirill Maksimov
Mar 12 2017 15:16
Another issue: my favicon points to /assets/images/favicon-32x32.png but there is no suck image
(I am using image built from commit 69c26f2c0d3a184bb17ecf19da5014b7870ea38b from march 1)