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Mar 2017
Gurbir Singh
Mar 28 2017 12:33
I want to redash chart with meteor application
Can you please help me how i can achieve same thing.
I did not find any NPM or Meteor package that can help me integrate with meteor application
Mar 28 2017 13:46
@arikfr :im using local maill server
i didn't find the .env filke
.env file
Davor Spasovski
Mar 28 2017 13:54
@arikfr that was on my second iteration of the command and the first run scrolled past my terminal buffer (since i looked at some server logs later)
in any case it seems the migration isn't reflected in the DB i wonder if it's a good idea to do a new setup from scratch
Mar 28 2017 14:22
hi @arikfr you and your team build awesome tools . I absolutely loved it ..I am currently using it. but having problem setting up mail server (We are unable to find .env file and how to pass mail environment variable ), i am using redash via docker images . as you mentioned before using AWS SES . How i'll configure that .Pls Help
Mar 28 2017 15:00
so I've realised why I'm struggling with the JIRA integration. Jira's query api doesn't seem to have a way of returning counts instead of values, meaning its hard to create any useful visualisations, such as open issues by status. Not really a redash issue, just thought I'd share
Amy Griffis
Mar 28 2017 15:17
hi! i've just started playing around with redash. i'm wondering, is it possible to set up sub-filters, meaning that a second filter can repopulate with choices that are specific to the first filter? @arikfr