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Apr 2017
Apr 06 2017 11:29
@arikfr further any method to visualize the sub-document/embedded document ?
sunil kumar
Apr 06 2017 13:55
@arikfr hello.. i have the navigation issues with redash dashboard.. i cannot see my dashboard list items under the dashboard instead i have to click on dashboard. then i am able to see my dashboard list.. i have upgraded to 1.0.1 yesterday.. is that a bug..?
Apr 06 2017 14:53
Is there anyway to set a default filter value on a query? e.g. SELECT AS Payload.foo__filter (DEFAULTVALUE),FROM bar
can use a parameter, but I want people to be able to see all the filter values
Apr 06 2017 15:33
@arikfr Thanks!
I look forward to organization division function.