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Apr 2017
Apr 16 2017 09:42
getredash/redash#1718 (Browser freezes for large results)
Hi @arikfr we are facing this issue, any info on how to deploy master branch would be really helpful (or) Is there an hotfix release coming along?
Mathias Fiedler
Apr 16 2017 21:58
Hi I'm working on a new visualization and got everything working in the editor mode, but as soon as I "hide source" I get a "Cannot read property 'data' of undefined" and my visualization is empty. I can't follow the stack trace probably, but I think I'm doing something very basic wrong on registering my visualization. Any idea?
Mathias Fiedler
Apr 16 2017 22:04
@nir0s I don't know everything about redash, but I'm quite sure what you want to do is not possible. If you want to track e.g. the time a user signed up, it needs to happen in the application/database and not within (any) data visualization tool.