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Apr 2017
Nir Cohen
Apr 17 2017 12:54
@majofi, well, what I want to do is track a counter.. so I don't need any other information. I want to see the number increasing on a graph as a function of time, that's all.
That is, I'm not looking to see the time a specific user has signed up, but rather the count of all registered users at any given moment in time.
Mathias Fiedler
Apr 17 2017 13:30
@nir0s , now I got your "problem" ... If you have a "created_at" date for your users you can solve this by SQL:
SET @total_sum = 0;
    @total_sum := @total_sum + cnt AS total_sum
select  date(created_at) as date_day, count(*) as cnt from users group by date(created_at) ) as grouped
ORDER BY date_day;