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Apr 2017
Apr 18 2017 08:03
how do i pass timezone info to $humanTime. ex. { $gt: "today" }
Arik Fraimovich
Apr 18 2017 11:42
@wernerstucky $humanTime is being calculated in the timezone of your server.
@arjit292_twitter there is a built in process that removes old query_results. It might not run frequently enough if oyu have many queries that are scheduled to refresh frequently (every minute for example).
@shrirenjith you need to target the master branch. do you still have issues with pip? can you explain the steps you did to get this message?
@rajulogicerp there is support for SAML.
@arjit292_twitter re. performance issue in 1.0: known issue and was fixed on master. will create a new release soon.
@HenroRitchie I don't think upgrade will change the behavior here. the code that evaluates alerts is very straighforward, I would check there.
Arik Fraimovich
Apr 18 2017 11:48
@ratancs I'm not sure if it's possible. It uses the timezone of your server.
@nir0s +1 to @majofi's solution.
@majofi still have the issue with the visualization?
Nir Cohen
Apr 18 2017 12:46
Thanks. I needed that for mongo.. and now I have what I need.
btw, @arikfr, does redash work with Mongo Atlas?
Arik Fraimovich
Apr 18 2017 12:47
I don't see a reason why it shouldn't.
Apr 18 2017 13:13
@arikfr I just upgraded to fix 1711, and I can no longer sort tables by clicking column headers
looks like the same issue is affecting the redash demo
Joey Muia
Apr 18 2017 17:24
Is there a Dockerfile for redash/nginx?
Mathias Fiedler
Apr 18 2017 20:46
@arikfr thx for asking. The problem suddenly disappeared... no idea why.