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May 2017
May 03 2017 02:24
when i execute the query,it occurs Query in queue… , i can't cancel it,i sure the data source is correct,and i can get schema,so please tell me what happen?
May 03 2017 03:02
Sandeep Sreenath
May 03 2017 06:46
@vytla102_twitter you can give an option in the upgrade script
you can override get_release method to return the version you want to upgrade to
and run the script
that will do the job
May 03 2017 10:30
hello, l meet a problem when l use Redash
l can't query by Redash whetever mysql or pg. Even , l writed "select 1;"...but, it just runing , don't return result.
the log shows
[2017-05-03 18:18:33,955][PID:4627][INFO][metrics] method=GET path=/api/session endpoint=redash.session status=200 content_type=application/json content_length=837 duration=31.04 query_count=3 query_duration=24.11
[2017-05-03 18:18:33,960][PID:4627][INFO][werkzeug] - - [03/May/2017 18:18:33] "GET /api/session HTTP/1.1" 200 -
[2017-05-03 18:18:34,021][PID:4627][ERROR][root] Error with DataSource#to_dict (data source id: 1)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/tanishindaira/Desktop/redash/redash/handlers/", line 71, in get
d = ds.to_dict()
File "/Users/tanishindaira/Desktop/redash/redash/", line 440, in to_dict
'syntax': self.query_runner.syntax,
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'syntax'
[2017-05-03 18:18:34,042][PID:4627][INFO][metrics] method=GET path=/api/data_sources endpoint=data_sources status=200 content_type=application/json content_length=241 duration=66.05 query_count=7 query_duration=48.04
l really have no idea about this
Arik Fraimovich
May 03 2017 14:41
@vytla102_twitter you need to run the upgrade script with the --channel legacy option to upgrade to 0.12.
@guzhenping make sure the workers are running.
sunil kumar
May 03 2017 14:41
Yeah cant find the script
It throws me this Error
Found version: 1.0.3
Current version: 0.11.1+b2095
You need to have Redash v0.12.0 or newer to upgrade to post v1.0.0 releases.
To upgrade to v0.12.0, run the upgrade script set to the legacy channel (--channel legacy).
Arik Fraimovich
May 03 2017 14:47
you didn't add the --channel legacy option.
sunil kumar
May 03 2017 14:50
Ok thanks much :)
sunil kumar
May 03 2017 15:22
I forgot my password and I have entered my emailaddress to send the login credentials, But i never received the email
sunil kumar
May 03 2017 19:58
Hello.. I have the navigation issues with redash dashboard.. I cannot see my dashboard list items under the dashboard instead I have to click on dashboard. then I am able to see my dashboard list.. I have upgraded from 1.0.0 to 1.0.3 yesterday.. Still facing the same issue.. Any Solution...?